The Still Small Voice

I want to share with you what happened to me the other day, there are no pictures, there are just words. John stared a new job at the end of August, such a great blessing to us, more money, more advancement possibilities. The one thing we didn't count on or figure in was that our budget was going to change dramatically. We went from getting paid every 2 weeks to getting paid on the 15th and the 30th, while it doesn't seem like a huge deal it is. We still have not had a "real" paycheck yet, there has been a holiday and a few other things so we have no idea what he will really bring home. So I have been paying bills as best as I can, making lots of phone calls to our creditors letting them know they are going to get some money just not all for now, most have been super kind. Well this past Friday I was wondering how we were going to make it to the 1st with $10 in our bank account. My mother in law has been super sick with stomach cancer, chemo, removing her stomach, blood clots, and pneumonia. I have been traveling as much as I can to be with her totally forgetting about our budget, I felt she needed me more than what my gas tank was telling me. But come Friday I was faced with the harsh truth that I somehow needed to get thru the next 10 days with $10 to get milk, gas, and a few staples. John kept telling me that it will all work out, I try to have faith but with 3 kids to feed I had little hope. Side note we have enough food in our pantry that we would not have starved but the milk and gas situation was scary. On Sunday around 7pm there came a knock on our door and my very good friend was standing on the other side. He father in law is dealing with the same cancer John's mom is so it is nice to have a friend to vent to, voice concerns with and they know exactly what you are talking about. She brought me a card and soon after left. I went to the bathroom ( I know to much TMI) but its true and opened the card, inside was a gift card to a store that sells both groceries and gas, I sat there with my mouth hanging open not sure what to do, laugh, cry, retread it to make sure I saw it right, well I did all those. After I showed John and he had the same reaction, my prayers have been answered.
Now comes her side of the story, she told me she was in a dead sleep the other night, and she knows this because she said she had been snoring and her throat hurt when she woke up, with the feeling that she needed to do this. Now keep in mind that she is not active in the church right now, she stared to ask some questions and kept getting the same answer, so she finally decided instead of arguing with The Lord she would act upon it. She didn't want to hurt our feelings or make us feel bad, but she just kept getting the prompt. She also told me that she had just won the exact same amount of money that she gave us at work that Friday. She was also very surprised that she was still getting prompts from The Lord even though it has been awhile since she has been to church.
I am so grateful that she listened. She is helping us get thru this week and also taken a burden off my shoulders. I am grateful for The Lord and his ways, and I am grateful that people still listen and act on those promptings.